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Better-Assembled Access Tokens
ChatGPT unsettled me
IPv6 Prefix Delegation on Spectrum with dhclient
The Repository Run-Parts CI Directory (RRPCID) specification
Want to hire me? Let's talk careers.
(Spinning) Rust begone!
The "perfect" IP hashing algorithm
That Time I Bought Classified Military Intelligence Off eBay (NOT CLICKBAIT)
Git branch-based contribution workflow management
Safechain: safe, atomic and idempotent iptables firewall management
PayPal is abusively incompetent
I am the Simone Giertz of high-performance computing
Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D printer mods
So you want a Stratum 1 NTP server...
Weighted file cleanup
CMYK printer line test sheet
Building a RetroPie game console
Retro controllers for the RetroPie
Linux on the Libre Computer Tritium ALL-H3-CC H5
dsari (Do Something and Record It) CI 2.0 released
Let's Encrypt wildcard certificates
Red Beans and Rice
Home Sweet Home: The "Things"
Be Happy!
I bought a launch day Apple TV 4K... and returned it the same day
Amy, the Above Average Gaming PC
Big Brother in Motion
M.2 SATA SSDs on Mac Mini G4s
What would Brian Behlendorf do?
Re-Buying My Childhood, Part 3: The Clone Wars
Re-Buying My Childhood, Part 2: Send in the Clones
Re-Buying My Childhood, Part 1: eBay Does What Nintendon't
Happy 20th birthday,!
SSL certificates and DNS CAA
Linux md RAID 10 disk layout, updated
Velociraptor Aerospace Dynamics: Evolution of a nuclear dinosaur logo
Home sweet home: home network wiring
Home sweet home: light bulbs
A brave new world of blogging
Sure, Let's Encrypt!
Blog sites updated
2ping 3.0.0 released
dsari - Do Something and Record It
Raspberry Pi 2 Ubuntu / Raspbian benchmarks
Raspberry Pi 2 update - (unofficial) Ubuntu 14.04 image available
Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) on the Raspberry Pi 2
Review: Some Cheap Laptop from Best Buy
Introducing Unladen, easily scalable object storage
A green bike
Compiling BusyBox with uClibc
On phones of a cellular nature
PlayStation 4: The Review
Confessions of a casual PS4 launch participant
I'll try not to let stardom go to my head
Closing out the books, 2009 edition
New car, 2013 edition
M29, a secure URL shortener
Chef Fo0bar Presents: Lazy Chili
SteamLink (Half-Life: Uplink for Steam) updated for Linux / OS X
A Day in DayZ
DayZ will consume you
Ryan Finnie, or certain values thereof
Linux md RAID 10 disk layout
It all falls apart
Introducing apache-vsl
Raspberry Pi
twuewand 2.0 released
I'm not quite right
IPv6 autoconfiguration in a nutshell
IPv6 in Apple iOS
apt-get dist-upgrade
2ping 2.0 released
WiFi on an Ubuntu server
OpenPGP key transition
Finnie/Finnix blogs linked with Facebook - Your IP address, with a few tools
[Resolved] iOS devices not getting IPv6
New home server
Working at Canonical
When exactly did I become an adult?
Quick tip: Pythagoras for the lazy
2ping 1.2 released
Reno Charter QAM channels
Introducing twuewand
ThinkPad X200s, one year follow-up
Prius update
Mobile Rickroll Appliance 6.0 released
My four year old TV
Joplin rundown
Twelve steps forward, one step back
Joplin tornado update
Now this is a story all about how my life...
Valve PowerPlay
Trailer hitch on a Toyota Prius (2nd generation)
Contribution intoxication
Forwarded mail and Gmail
2ping 1.1 released
Hampr extension and Firefox 4.0
Velociraptor Aerospace Dynamics
Ryan Finnie, business owner
FedEx delivery guarantee
IPv6 glue records added
More IPv6 musings
IPv6 in the Finnie
IPv6 in the news lp0 on fire
Postal system abuse for fun and profit!
vanityhash: Brute forcing hashes for fun and profit
AirPrint and Linux
2010 Apple TV: Mediocrity to the extreme
2ping 1.0 released
2ping 0.9.1 released
I'm on a boat^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H in an IANA document.
2ping 0.0.3 released
2ping 0.0.2 released
Introducing 2ping
Model M keyboard restoration project
DNS TTLs and web spiders
Lenovo ThinkPad X200s
Flickr mail bounce
Still missing: wife, 2.3 children, dog
Ads begone
Ninja-like speed and stealth. Free soda refills.
404, revisited
Kindle reading list
Hampr Mobile updated
HOWTO: Delete a 3ware DCB
IPv6: Living in the future, etc, etc
External temperature monitoring with Linux
Cisco PIX DNS fixup in Linux?
in.tcpmuxd: A secure, RFC compliant TCPMUX server
oui, an IEEE OUI database search utility
Hampr Mobile compatible with iPhone, Android, Pre
Hampr Firefox extension 2.2 released
I forgot about Christmas.
Outside dial tones on SPA500 series phones
Fear and Loathing in Second Life
Chef Fo0bar presents: Sausage Roll Prerelease
A traceroute down memory lane
Commentary: Toyota floor mat recall
It's only slower if you consider "time"
Schrödinger's Xbox
Review: DiscSox media organizer
Mission accomplished
xkcd: volume 0
Wells Fargo ATMs
The very best 1995 has to offer.
Chef fo0bar presents: Baked stuffed shrimp
Hampr Firefox extension 2.1 released
Oh, what a wonderful world we live in
Do not buy an EFiX
Build a safety net into your checking account
Blu-ray: Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection
You did.
Civilized feed readers
Keyfile-based LUKS encryption in Debian
HOWTO: Encrypt an existing Debian installation
X11R5 Joins Twitter, Starts Harassing Oprah
Chef fo0bar presents: Sushi
My timing couldn't have been better
Panasonic KX-P2023
Ally Bank update
[RESOLVED] Ally Bank: No sneaky disclaimers, no fine print, just lies.
Achievement Unlocked: Credit Card Solvency
My realty clock has gone off.
Hampr Firefox extension 2.0.0 released
Chef fo0bar presents: coffee syrup, etc
How helpful.
State of the blog
Reno Aces home opener
Review: SpaceNavigator 3D mouse
Welcome to the show!
Open source furries.
Review: Reusable grocery bags
Review: Dell 2209WA 22" E-IPS LCD
Mummified meats
Beef Jerky update
Line your air filter with beef, and a fresh, beefy scent throughout the house will be your reward!
Savings update
Get rid of those damn credit card preapprovals
Chef fo0bar presents: Pad See Ew
Linux and the 2009 Apple "mini" aluminum USB keyboard
New keyboard
Chef fo0bar presents: Combo cheeseburger, Kroll's style
Video cards freak me out.
Some people collect baseball cards.
Hooray for not destroying my Prius!
Closing out the books
Chef fo0bar presents: Chotchkie's Nachos
Speaking of Mac clones...
Chef fo0bar presents: Baked Macaroni and Cheese
They're baaaaack...
New bike. Also, riding of said bike.
EXCLUSIVE! Insignia NS-DXA1 DTV receiver unboxing!
All hail the T60
MySQL and CIDR selection
The babes should be flocking momentarily.
What happened, Dell? You used to be cool.
More consumer entertainment
Finnix 90.0 Released
Hello, pain.
If you can't take the heat, get out of the NOC.
More Prius news you can ignore.
Sirius satellite radio on the Prius
I've owned many cars. Well, four.
Houston, the car has landed.
Prius update: my new car actually exists
I got a new car. In theory.
I can walk in my office again!
No-Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies
Consumer, thy name is fo0bar
Hoo boy, did I spend money today.
All about the FrankenDell
Finnix 88.0 Released
Thoughts on my new cellphone
Chef fo0bar Returns -- A Jerry Bruckheimer film
April Fools!
Finnix 87.0 Released
apt-get --purge remove gentoo
Finnix 86.2 Released
New Finnix website
Announce (Woo!): Finnix 86.1 for x86/PowerPC/UML/Xen Released
Awww, isn't it cute...
Calling All Mac Geeks!
Finnix 86.0 Released
We got yer livecds right here, pal.
Thank god for vmware
Warning: fanboy ad ahead
Operation: fo0bar Pretends to be a Cook
Disinformation is my co-pilot.
My keyboard's louder than your keyboard
Please, act now.
It's back!
You doubt my raw coolness?
Super happy fun hard drive enclosure!