Yes, I’m now employed. I’ve accepted a position with Viddler as a Systems/Network Administrator. I’m very excited about the company and my position, and I’m looking forward to starting. My manager is a fellow Debian developer, and everyone else I’ve met so far has been very friendly. The company looks good, and the infrastructure looks decent. (They even have a pseudo whitepaper of the infrastructure up for the public at And in a pleasant coincidence, it turns out my former employer did business and socialized with Viddler, so some of my old coworkers knew people within Viddler and had good things to say.

My work was originally to begin on July 1, but I’ll be helping out with some projects starting Monday instead. I will be working remotely from Reno for about a year (which is why I’ve been fixing up the home office, as I mentioned in the previous post), after which I may be relocating to Pennsylvania.

I was interviewing with four other companies, and it was a bit awkward since they were all due to friends and acquaintances, and I feel sorry for having to decline them. Indeed, Viddler was the only company I blindly sent my resume to; I am a SAGE member and found the job posting on the members-only SAGE job board. Still, my situation allowed me to be picky about employment, so rest assured all five companies were companies I would have liked to work with.

This and my previous post were originally part of one of my trademark mega-posts, but I’ve decided to split them up into bite-sized chunks. Hopefully later I’ll post a recap of my Joplin trip.