ThinkPad X200s after one yearA year ago, I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad X200s. I boldly proclaimed that it’s the best laptop I’ve ever used, much better than the X61, and combining all the features of a T60 and an X-series subnotebook.

So what’s changed in the last year? Absolutely nothing. No plastic has chipped off, all of the LRF (little rubber feet) are still attached, the keyboard is still fully functional, the hinge is still solid, and it’s just as tight as when I bought it. The only damage is the palmrest ThinkPad logo had separated its layers, leaving just the silver backing (which is still on amazingly tight). And this is despite the extra torture it received. I did a lot of traveling in the last year, and it’s always come with me.

I’ve got a keeper.

(The Ubuntu sticker hasn’t fared as well, but admittedly that is aftermarket.)