It’s been just over a year since I bought a ThinkPad T60, and it’s still great. Normally a laptop will not last more than a year for me, so the fact that it still looks like it did when I bought it is a testament to its strength. It’s survived several falls, and has even been sat on (twice, don’t ask). The keys all still have their paint on them, and no paint has worn off (indeed, except for the key lettering, none of the plastic is painted). Even the Little Rubber Feet are still all attached.

The hardware all works great with Debian. Actually, that last part wasn’t true until last week. The 3945ABG wireless controller with Linux’s ipw3945 driver didn’t work well, but was enough to be “usable”. But 2.6.24’s iwl3945 driver replaced ipw3945, and it’s been working great since I installed it.

The T60 was the first ThinkPad sold by Lenovo (and even still had the “IBM ThinkPad” logo everywhere), so hopefully they didn’t screw up too much in later models. And of course some people just don’t like the ThinkPad design (“butt ugly” is often heard), but at this point I’m very glad I bought the T60 instead of a MacBook. My only regret was getting the lowest-priced processor, which did not have VT/VMX support.