Occasionally, I post answers for the Internet Oracle, but unfortunately, I have yet to have any of my answers selected for the digest. This recent one I was quite proud of:


I'm having trouble remembering the answers you've supplied for most of my
last 58 supplications. Can you give me some hints?


1) Yes.
2) Chile.
3) I really wouldn't trust a chainsaw-weilding midget.
4) I told you not to trust that midget. You may want to go to an ER now.
5) Sorry, the Oracle is sleepy now. Ask again tomorow.
6) You can't go wrong with Spamburgers(TM).
7) ... and that's how asbestos-laced panties saved Spring Break.
8) The Kia Sorento is best in its class for performance, features and safety.
9) A rooster, a 9-volt battery, and plenty of blue duct tape.
10) Why yes, my refrigerator is running.
11) I'm sorry, to answer that question, I must charge you a $100/hour
    consulting rate.
12) Yet if you were to shoot him, YOU'D be the one going to jail. Pity.
13) That scene was in the Girls Gone Wild series. Specifically, GGW Road Trip
    to Sioux City Volume 6.
14) Neutered puppies.

(Answers 15 though 55 were destroyed by hurricane Ivan.)

56) Purple boxers.
57) Yes, I like them very much.
58) I assumed you mean "my last 58 supplications, not counting the one I am
    writing now." Otherwise, I would have to begin all over again, and this
    response would turn into an endless loop, destroying the space-time
    continuum in the process.

You owe the Oracle a VHS tape of any of the 67 "Family Ties" clip shows.