Hampr is a free, centralized, personal bookmark manager. Hampr is designed for users who want access to their bookmarks from several locations, such as home, work and school. Hampr is similar in concept to del.icio.us, but is not public in nature.

After a lengthy development period, I am proud to announce the second major release of the Hampr Firefox extension. The Hampr Firefox extension can be installed on multiple computers, which will all have concurrent, convenient access to your entire Hampr bookmark collection.

The 2.0.0 extension is a complete rewrite, and introduces new major functionality. The most visible change is the placement. By default, the extension installs itself in the same place as the Bookmarks menu (on Windows and Linux), but you can choose instead to place is next to the Bookmarks menu, as a sub-menu, or even as a toolbar menu button. Other new features include:

  • Added tags support

  • Bookmarks display can be picked: recent, untagged, or specific tag

  • Added ability to load more bookmarks

  • Added page context menu integration

  • Added network caching

  • Many added display preferences

  • Many bug fixes and minor enhancements

Please visit the extension home page and give it a try! Hampr is fully OpenID-enabled; for information about creating an account, please visit the login page.