After yesterday’s post, I went back to my finances, talked with some friends, and did some research on the implications of running a business. And I determined that it does make a lot of sense to manage my various online ventures as a full-fledged (sole proprietor) business. So yay, I’ve made the leap from accidental business owner to willing business owner.

As of today, Velociraptor Aerospace Dynamics is open for business. I’ve got a good enough paper trail of income and expenses to go back to January 1, so technically nothing has changed except for the DBA name (which is basically optional for a sole proprietorship). VAD now has a P.O. Box, a ledger, and a Nevada business license. (Getting a Nevada business license is actually easier than signing up for Facebook. No, I’m serious.)

It also has a web site, created by our team of raptor engineers who traveled back to 1995 to design it.