FedEx Ground® Is Faster to More Locations Than UPS Ground, or so says the the commercial I saw during baseball last night. I nearly burst out laughing when I heard this. UPS Ground shipments from the Bay Area to Reno (250 miles) regularly arrive overnight, while FedEx will almost always hold the shipment at the destination if it got there “too fast”. This morning I came in and a coworker was complaining about how a FedEx Ground shipment shipped today from Dallas to Reno (1900 miles), and FedEx lists it as taking 7 business days. Business, not regular days – it should arrive next Wednesday.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly a UPS fan. My biggest complaint is, incredulously, “The UPS Store” is not considered an authorized UPS shipping center. If you’re shipping a package on a UPS account that is worth more than $1000, their web site spits out an form that a driver or authorized shipping center must sign for. “The UPS Store” cannot sign for this, you must instead schedule a pickup or take it to their distribution center.

But it’s still better than FedEx.