Did I really say I’d try to do 5 blog posts per week? Yeah, that lasted long.

Picking up from my last post, 2 weekends ago I went to see the 2nd home game of the Reno Aces. They lost, but it was still a great time. The new ballpark is beautiful, and after I got home, I flushed out the Aces Ballpark page on Wikipedia.

Last Thursday, I drove down to Los Angeles to visit poorsquinky{.lj} and go party in the desert. Not the usual party in the desert, but a party in a desert in a completely different state! I had various mechanical troubles (more on that later, maybe), got sunburned, and got sick immediately after returning home. But other than that, it was a blast! (No, seriously, it was great.)

I’ve switched over the licenses for almost all of my Flickr photos to a Creative Commons license (by-sa). I haven’t set my default upload license to cc-by-sa (just in case), but the goal is almost all photos I upload will be licensed appropriately.

Another Aces game this weekend. My apartment community will be having a rummage sale later this month, and I’ve got a lot of stuff I’d like to get rid of (and a lot more stuff I need to convince myself I need to get rid of), so this will be a good opportunity.