Hampr is a free, centralized, personal bookmark manager. Hampr is designed for users who want access to their bookmarks from several locations, such as home, work and school. Hampr is similar in concept to del.icio.us, but is not public in nature.

Changes in version 2.2 of the Hampr Firefox extension include:

  • Extension is now aware of Firefox’s Offline mode, and will not try network operations when Offline.
  • A copy of a recent server refresh will be stored locally periodically, and will be used when a new window is opened and the extension is accessed, before the extension has had a chance to get updates from the server.
  • Extension has been tested against Firefox 3.6 beta.

Please visit the extension home page and give it a try! Hampr is fully OpenID-enabled; for information about creating an account, please visit the login page.