Ever since a week before Thanksgiving, I’ve been working on a massive project for work. I’d like to talk about it in detail sometime later because even though it was an exhausting project, it was still very fun and interesting, but that’s another post. It all culminated with an 8 day trip to Boston, which I got back from Monday night.

Friday night I was at my hotel, watching TV, when I thought to myself, “Man, they’re advertising Christmas shopping earlier and earlier this year.” Then I looked at a calendar: it was one week from Christmas.

I was aware of the dates as they passed, but frankly my mind wasn’t processing them as they related to holidays, just various deadlines for work. I got home Monday, was still exhausted Tuesday (and the roads were very slick), and now it’s 2 days from Christmas.

So yeah, I didn’t get anybody anything. Sorry. To make penance, I whipped out the plastic and decided to donate to charity. I had planned on spending about $250, and was deciding between the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, but at the last moment I said “what the hell” and donated $250 to each. They both do good work, and I am glad they are there when we need them.