A month ago, I started working at Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu. Normally I’d write a long-winded post about my experiences from the last month, how/why I started and so on, but I’ll just summarize: it rocks.

I work in the IS Operations group as a system administrator, and while my Launchpad profile has the little “Member of Canonical” badge on it now, I am not an Ubuntu developer (though of course Canonical employs quite a number of Ubuntu developers). That’s not to say I don’t contribute to Ubuntu; I file bugs, and manage packages as trickle-down from my Debian maintainer status, but these are all contributions that any member of the public community can do. Working in Canonical IS Operations is much like being a sysadmin in any large Ubuntu server shop.

I’ve gone back through last year’s posts and tagged relevant posts with planet:canonical, which are aggregated at Canonical Voices, a feed aggregator for Canonical employees. (“Planet” has become a generic term for feed aggregation sites, though Canonical Voices is not actually running Planet software.) These tagged posts don’t necessarily have to do with Canonical or Ubuntu topics, but are a filter for posts I want to appear there; technology topics, mostly.

Last month I made a post to the Finnix blog, explaining how my employment will affect Finnix development (it won’t). Since then, Finnix 104 has been released, and I even found out some of the coworkers in my group are Finnix users. Good times!