Hampr is a free, centralized, personal bookmark manager. Hampr is designed for users who want access to their bookmarks from several locations, such as home, work and school. Hampr is similar in concept to del.icio.us, but is not public in nature.

Changes in version 2.1 of the Hampr Firefox extension include:

  • Fixed URL handling when adding a link via the context menu (right-click) when the link is also an image
  • Improved caching efficiency of the Quick Add and Delete functions
  • Localized the “Firefox Bookmarks” submenu text
  • Adding a link via the context menu now pre-populates the title based on best guess: link title attribute (often set by WordPress themes), link text content, link image title attribute, or link image alt attribute
  • Stylized the context menu items with icons (on supported platforms)
  • Context menu items are hidden when the user is not logged in

Please visit the extension home page and give it a try! Hampr is fully OpenID-enabled; for information about creating an account, please visit the login page.