Welcome to the all new finnie.org! My personal domain is about to celebrate its 12 year anniversary (just old enough to drink!), but for the last half of its existence, it has been an Apache index page with a bunch of junk thrown together. In addition, I used to write on my LiveJournal since 2001. These two functions have been combined (with full history from my LiveJournal imported) into an Internet blogging extravaganza. I’ll try not to wake the neighbors.

I’ve decided to try to manage this more like a traditional columnist: keeping a schedule, stockpiling ideas, thinking before I write. I’m going to work toward a goal of 5 daily updates per week, though I’m not firm on this. WordPress makes it easy to keep unpublished drafts, and I’ve got a decent number of writing ideas to keep me going, so this shouldn’t be too hard. One thing I will not do is writing for the sake of filler. There’s already too much of that out there. I don’t have deadlines or a syndication manager; no need to act like I do.

(That’s not to say I’ll be writing a Pulitzer-winning essay every day. Targeted inanity is not necessarily filler. Come on, I have standards.)

We’ll see how long this lasts.