I’ve pulled together, and imported into Flickr, pics of the cars I have owned. Each photo links to its gallery.


1986 Chevy Caprice station wagon, bought in 1997. Sat 12 comfortably. Seriously: 3 in the front, 4 in the middle, the back bed turned into a 3rd row for 3, and 2 on the wheel wells. Though I think the design limit was 7 (2/3/2). Crush capacity is 18. Don’t ask me how I know that. Sadly I didn’t take a wide-angle shot, so please click through to get a sense of its size. Sold for scrap in 1999 due to cracked engine block.


1993 Plymouth Duster, bought in 1999. The 90s “Duster” was not the same Duster muscle cars of the 70s. Instead, it was literally a Plymouth Sundance or a Dodge Shadow, but with a spoiler. This car came with me from Green Bay, to the Bay Area, then to Reno. Sold in 2003.


2002 Toyota Prius, bought April 2002. My first “new” car, and lasted me the longest (indeed, the car was fine when I sold it, I just got an awesome trade-in on in and decided to act). Bought before most of the world knew what a “hybrid” was. Sold June 2007.


2007 Toyota Prius. If you didn’t know I just bought this, you must have been living under a rock.