I took apart my car last night, put it back together, and didn’t end with any missing or extra parts!

I was running the satellite antenna through the car to the front seat, so it can eventually be integrated with the SC-C1/TOY-SC1 receivers that should be arriving next week. The antenna had to be run down the trunk hatch’s D-pillar to the very back of the trunk (on the passenger side), then forward to the C-pillar, down the pillar parallel to the back seat, through the back doorsill, crossing the B-pillar, then through the front doorsill. It will eventually snake up the kick panel and behind the dash to connect with the receivers, but I let it exit between the doorsill and the kick panel so I could test the antenna, and use it with my hand-held unit until the integrated receivers arrive.

This exercise has made me a lot more confident about doing the rest of the project. I’ve had… bad luck with previous auto projects (please, nobody mention the vents from the 02 Prius), but this is looking a lot easier. What definitely helped last night was buying a panel pry tool, which made it a LOT easier to undo panels from the car (especially without damaging the panels).