Finnix on the TV

The 4-year extended warranty on my 37” LCD TV expired in February, which is actually somewhat of a relief. See, the manufacturer (Olevia) and retailer (CompUSA) are both out of business, and the extended warranty was through CompUSA. They sold the contracts to a third party, and probably by now they’ve been sold yet again. So I’d have to find out who holds the contract, contact them, wrestle with a mismatched serial number (it broke a month after I bought it, so I had to send it to the manufacturer, who replaced it – the replacement has worked fine since then), and box it up and ship it somewhere (as opposed to taking it to CompUSA if they were still in business).

Now with the warranty expired, if it dies I can simply grumble and buy a new one. That being said, I have no desire to replace it. 4 years ago, it was a steal at $800, when similar models were easily double that. Today, a similar model is probably less than half that. But it works fine, does the job, oh, and the color matches my TV stand.