2ping (read the original announcement and explanation here) 0.0.2 has been released, with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed potential endianness issues
  • Added packet checksum field, in a fixed position near the beginning of the packet (PROTOCOL NOW INCOMPATIBLE WITH 0.0.1 RELEASE)
  • Added state table cleanup notification between peers, which will keep memory usage down in longer flood ping situations (protocol opcode added)
  • Added support for multiple binds in listen mode (specify -I IP multiple times)
  • Added support for multiple peers in client mode (specify multiple IP arguments)
  • Added additional packet error checks
  • Misc code cleanup and documentation (not yet to my satisfaction, but it’s a start)

As a reminder, while the eventual goal of 2ping is to be forwards compatible with future releases, this will not be guaranteed until 1.0. Indeed, do not try to run a 0.0.2 client against a 0.0.1 listener or vice versa; it will not work.

Please download 0.0.2 and give it a try, thanks.