I got the Sirius satellite radio kit installed today. The antenna is right at the back of the roof, behind the main antenna. The unit works by extending the AM button, so now when you keep pressing it, it cycles through AM/SAT1/SAT2/SAT3. Each SAT mode lets you store 6 presets. Beside that, there’s very few bells and whistles, not even a signal strength indicator. And the display is limited to 10 characters. Sucks, but at least it sounds good, much better than FM modulation or tape pass-through ever could.



I also received my cargo net today. Toyota sells a vertical cargo net pouch for the Prius, but not a horizontal net. This is odd because the Prius comes with D-rings in all 4 corners of the cargo area. However, I found a forum post that said Hyundai sells a net for the Santa Fe that is the perfect size. And it is.