Nearly 6 years ago, Finnix 0.03 made history as one of the first bootable CD Linux distributions. It may have taken awhile, but Finnix is back as a small (less than 100MB), fully-featured LiveCD for system administrators.

Finnix 86.0 includes 336 Debian packages, Linux kernel 2.6.13, and advanced system utilities such as LVM2. You can mount and manipulate hard drives and partitions, monitor networks, rebuild boot records, install other operating systems, and much more. Finnix can be run in as little as 32MB RAM, but if you have at least 192MB RAM, you can run the entire distribution from a ramdisk, saving access time during use, at the expense of a small wait during boot while the CD is copied to RAM (this wait is negligible due to the distribution’s small size).

Most importantly, Finnix can be burned to a “Mini-CDR”, which, as a fashion statement, goes great with your laptop bag or pocket.

Please visit to learn more or download a copy!