For the first time in years, I am, for today at least, technically in the black for liquid assets. That is to say, my checking + savings accounts currently have more in them than I have credit card debt.

(Not included are my retirement account or my car loan, though I do have positive equity on my car so I have been well into positive net worth for a long time now.)

So, if I were to completely drain my savings (and not pay the rent tomorrow), I would be able to pay off my remaining CC debt, and still have $19.07 to play with. Of course, that’s an insanely stupid idea, but it does make me feel good that I could.

In related news, Capital One’s money market savings rate continues to plummet. This month is 1.59%. Oh well, at least now my withholdings have been switched from 0 to 2, with the difference being automatically deposited into that account. So now I’m making a small amount of interest on my tax “refund”, rather than getting it back in one lump sum.