Tonight I made sushi. The rice recipe is here, but you really need to see the Good Eats episode, as it deals with all aspects of sushi making, not just the rice. Actually, the rice is what I feared the most, as I’ve never had good luck with rice, and sushi rice is more complicated. That part actually worked out the best. It was fluffy and sticky, and didn’t mush up.

I had Krab and avocado, but forgot the cucumber, so it’s a Mostly California Roll. I was afraid to make it inside out, so I made regular Maki rolls. The first roll was way too big. The other 3 were decent. Pretty ugly compared to a sushi bar, but it all tasted the same in the mouth. And I ate too much, as is tradition with sushi. And then I tried to compensate with lots of water, as is tradition with sushi. This will be an interesting evening.

Always tip your sushi chef.