This is just about as close to clean as my home office can get for me. Be thankful I didn’t take “before” pictures. Here’s a poor-man’s panoramic stitching:



Gaming/Photoshop/Windows/whatever machine. The CD photo printer is on the left, the multifunction is on the right. The phone is connected to my home VoIP PBX. The stack of papers are documents I still need to scan in to archive. (I checked: you can’t make out the account number or balance on my retirement account.)


I think I’ve got a storage problem. These are all the hard drives and CDR spindles I’ve found from the various boxes of junk I had around the office. The monitor goes to a 4-port KVM.


Bottom row: Beige G3 (not used), Graphite G4 (used occasionally), Duron 750 (currently missing a heatsink fan, along with half its case), Athlon 64 3400 (used for Finnix development and backups). Not pictured to its right is monster remains of the terabyte project. Second row: Gateway 300mhz?, Sun Ultra 1, Dell PowerEdge 350 800mhz, Celeron 2.4ghz system in an Emachines case, Mac Mini G4 (used for Finnix-PPC development). Out of view currently on the “workbench” is an Emachine Athlon XP 2000 system, soon to be my new router. Not pictured on the top 2 shelves are some switches, CD-ROM drives, the laser printer, and various junk.

(Yes, that switch is just kinda hanging there.)


Fun junk on the top row: Lego version of the space shuttle Discovery, an acoustic coupler modem (I need to find a handset that can hook up to that one of these days), an Intel 4004 (not the grey-trace model, so it’s “only” worth about $300), a toy Prius, an old LNX-BBC CD, and a strobe light.


Attached to the shelving are some conference badges. This room was supposed to be the master bedroom, so there’s a sink/mirror to the right, and the center door leads to a bathroom (which has been unused for a few years since, until today, I had too much junk lying around to open the door).


Behold all the junk, sorted and placed into 8 giant plastic bins (the other 4 are just to the right, out of view).


It’s almost time to buy a new bookshelf. The box contains printing supplies. The plastic organizer contains computer screws. Just computer screws.

Also notice the light switches. All of the switches in my apartment are that low, 35” off the ground. The showerheads are way too low too. Designed for midgets, no doubt. (I would make a serious guess of ADA compliance, but the doorways are too narrow for wheelchairs.)