Today I hooked up my cable line to my TV to see if clear QAM is still available on my account (it is), due to wanting to watch today’s NFL game on CBS, since the owner of the local CBS station (KTVN) and Dish Network are currently in the middle of a bitter dispute, and KTVN is currently not available on Dish.

After the game, I spent some time poking around, figuring out which channel was which by cross-referencing guide data. I’ve compiled a complete list of clear QAM channels on Charter, as well as the channel ID map to the Zap2It guide list. I used to do this when I had a Windows Media Center with an HDHomeRun; hopefully it’ll be useful to others.

This list is current as for 2011-12-22, and is subject to change. Also, if you can figure out what Charter Digital channel the ShopNBC channel maps to, let me know so I can update it. It was the only channel I wasn’t able to figure out.

Update (2011-12-22): The major network stations have moved to their “traditional” locations. They also have Charter-provided descriptive IDs in the form KXXX_HD. I’m not sure if they’re doing ATSC-style virtual remapping from their old QAM locations (and my TV isn’t telling me), or perhaps they’ve gone all digital and have actually moved them down into the lower channels. Either seems likely. I’ve retained the old QAM channel, just in case they are virtual remaps. Also, KRNSCA (CW), QVC and TBSP have appeared on the 78 channel.

002-001 HD KTVNDT (KTVN_HD) (was 105-195)

004-001 HD KRNVDT (KRNV_HD) (was 090-187)

005-001 HD KNPBDT (KNPB_HD) (was 090-185)

008-001 HD KOLODT (KOLO_HD) (was 105-193)

011-001 HD KRXIDT (KRXI_HD) (was 100-205)

078-245 SD KRNSCA

078-250 SD QVC

078-254 SD TBSP

087-236 SD KAME

087-237 SD KRXI

087-244 SD TWC

090-184 SD KNPBDT2

090-186 SD KNPBDT3

090-189 SD KRNVDT2

091-212 HD KRENDT

092-340 SD IONSATP

100-300 SD KRXIDT2

101-022 SD (Charter guide overlay)

101-369 SD KRRILP

103-267 SD KNVVLP

103-269 SD K52FF

103-274 SD (ShopNBC)

103-292 SD RENO

103-293 SD SPARKS

103-295 SD LOOR216

103-296 SD TMLC

104-190 HD KAMEDT

104-207 SD KAMEDT2

105-194 SD KOLODT2

105-196 SD KTVNDT2

111-381 HD TWCHD

117-127 SD (Charter PPV preview)

127-283 SD TVGNP

127-297 SD WASHO