On April 27, 1997, I registered finnie.org. I was in high school at the time, had a part-time job doing tech support at a dial-up ISP, and had saved up $70 for a domain registration. This was before the decentralization of domain registrars, so InterNIC / Network Solutions was the only source for .com/.net/.org domains. They charged $35 per year at the time, with the first two years prepaid.

I had actually planned on registering finnie.com, but had found I was too late, and someone else had just registered it. (WHOIS says February 1997, but I seem to remember it was a few weeks earlier in April.)

As a gift to finnie.org and all it has provided… I’ve renewed it for another 3 years, at $15 per year. It can also have my copy of The Complete Linux Kit, my first book on Linux from 1995 (which I still own – complete with Slackware CD).