2ping 1.0 released

2ping 1.0 has been released! While the changes to the previous version are minor, this signifies a major milestone: 2ping (and the 2ping protocol) is now deemed "stable".

  • Protocol now "finished", 2ping is now "stable"!
  • Removed the sample initscript
  • Small Makefile and documentation changes

2ping 1.0 is compatible with the previous version, 0.9.1. And now that 2ping 1.0 has been released, it is expected that future versions of 2ping (as well as other future software that may implement the open source 2ping protocol) will interoperate with it.

Please download 2ping 1.0 and give it a try, thanks.

One thought on “2ping 1.0 released”

  1. I know very little about 2ping nor have I loaded or taken it out for a spin. . . .

    1) It would be useful if it was able to present a bidirectional traceroute. This feature would be useful to locate the link where drops occur. The functionality of this feature should be patterned after pathping.

    2) Also, it would be useful if a packet length sweep was available, patterned after RFC-2544 paragraph 9.1. (I assume it has a fixed length option, like ping.)

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