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Following up on Saturday's post: On Sunday morning, I received a call on my cellphone from an 800 number. "I'm not answering that on a weekend," I thought, and went back to bed. When I got up later, I found a comment waiting for approval on my blog, and it was from Al de Molina. (I did a little checking, and it seemed authentic, either from him himself, or something like a PR firm on his behalf.)

Sure enough, the voicemail waiting for me was from Alex from Ally bank wanting me to return his call. We played phone tag Sunday, and he got back to me Monday morning.

The call was pretty short. Alex said that the info given to me by the first call was wrong, and the rate quoted on the day you begin the fund transfer is the rate you should get. The problem comes from the fact that yes, some days they don't initiate the transfer on their side until the next day. However, it should have been a simple call to fix that in those sorts of situations.

My funds transfer has been completed, and I just verified that my account is showing 2.50% APY. So if this sort of situation happens to you, be persistent. Point out my experience if you want. Obviously this only applies to Ally Bank, since other banks could have different policies.

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  1. This exact thing happened to me, however, I naively decided to choose the 9-month classic CD at 2.60%. On that same Friday, when your rate was changed, my rate was lowered to 1.90%(!!)

    I immediately called to voice my confusion and displeasure. They were supposed to call me today, but I have not heard anything yet. After reading your post, I decided to check my account, and it was raised back to 2.60%!

    I feel bad for all of the other customers that signed up for the higher rate and did not notice the extreme change, or decided not to complain about it. I am unaware how other banks handle these issues, but I am confident there are reasonable solutions which will not frustrate customers.

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