magic-smtpd for Debian

This Debian package contains LinuxMagic's magic-smtpd daemon, a drop-in replacement for qmail's qmail-smtpd binary. It adds features such as TLS support and RCPT TO checking.

I am providing this package because at the moment, incompatibilities between LinuxMagic's FSCL and Debian's DFSG prevent binary distribution in Debian because of restrictions on binary and patched source distribution. No binary packages on this site are provided, and the .orig.tar.gz is identical to LinuxMagic's released tarball. Patching is done via Debian's dpatch system during compilation, and the .diff.gz file contains the following patches:

This package may be built on sid, etch and sarge installations. Building on woody is not supported, because dpatch was not in woody. Instead, you would have to patch the source manually and remove the dpatch options from debian/control and debian/rules.

To build:

  1. Download the .dsc, .orig.tar.gz and .diff.gz files.
  2. dpkg-source -x magic-smtpd_0.8.4.2-2.dsc
  3. cd magic-smtpd-
  4. apt-get install build-essential devscripts perl libssl-dev libdb-dev dpatch docbook-to-man
  5. debuild -us -uc

This package is lintian clean. When installed, the binary package will automatically divert /usr/sbin/qmail-smtpd out of the way, and install a symlink to /usr/sbin/magic-smtpd in its place.

magic-smtpd is Copyright (C) LinuxMagic, and has been released under the LinuxMagic FSCL. Debian packaging for magic-smtpd is Copyright (C) Ryan Finnie, and is released under the GPL.

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