isomd5sum -- ISO9660 checksum utilities

Update (2008-02-18): isomd5sum has been split out of Anaconda, and into its own project. Download new isomd5sum releases here, or browse the Git repository here. This page remains for historic purposes.

isomd5sum is a collection of utilities for implanting and checking MD5 checksums within an ISO9660 image. A checksum is implanted in an image using the implantisomd5 utility, and the corresponding checkisomd5 utility can be used to verify burned CDs are error-free. Also included is a Python extension for performing these tasks.

isomd5sum is part of the Anaconda project. I, Ryan Finnie, have broken out the isomd5sum directory from the Anaconda sources, and modified the Makefile so it can be compiled standalone. No C source files (.c or .h) have been modified.

isomd5sum is Copyright (C) 2001 Red Hat, Inc. Ryan Finnie is not associated with Red Hat, Inc in any way. To report bugs, please use the Red Hat Bugzilla system, under Fedora Core -> anaconda.


Compiling isomd5sum requires gcc, popt (and associated development headers), and Python (and associated development headers). Untar the package, then type "make implantisomd5 checkisomd5", and optionally "make" if you want to compile the Python extension. Type "make install" as root to install the implantisomd5, checkisomd5 and Python library to their traditional locations.

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