Fluxbox RPMs for Cygwin

This page contains RPMs for Fluxbox to be used in the Cygwin environment. To install Fluxbox, you must first have RPM for Cygwin. To install this, load Cygwin's setup.exe, then install "rpm" (and optionally "rpm-doc") under "Utils". If you plan on compiling your own RPM from SRPM, you also need "rpm-build". The SRPM is not Cygwin-specific, and can probably be built from any RPM system, but this MAY change in the future if there are any changes beneficial to the Cygwin environment that can be added to the package. To install, download the RPM and type:

rpm -ivh fluxbox-VERSION-1.cygwin.i386.rpm
Icon  Name                             Last modified      Size  Description
[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [   ] fluxbox-0.1.14-1.cygwin.i386.rpm 2003-06-13 23:53 2.2M aa8496939c7e04f84432a6fa1ea28d29 [   ] fluxbox-0.1.14-1.src.rpm 2003-06-13 23:53 494K 631c12467abd944b14a2f70701f4864f

Ryan Finnie