Ryan Finnie

4959 Talbot Ln. #262 · Reno, NV 89509 · 775-771-4472
ryan@finnie.org · http://www.finnie.org/

Core Skills

·   Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL)
·   Perl, PHP, Python scripting
·   Apache, nginx, lighttpd web servers
·   MTAs (Postfix, qmail, Sendmail)
·   Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)
·   Version control (CVS, Subversion, Git)
·   SSL, certificate systems
·   Mass systems deployment
·   Linux OS design and development
·   IP phone system networking (Asterisk)
·   Virtualization (ESX, Xen, UML)
·   Layer 1 networking (Ethernet, ATM)
·   IP networking, IPv6
·   Cisco IOS, CatOS, PixOS
·   Firewalls (iptables, Pix/ASA)
·   SNMP management
·   Static routing, OSPF, HSRP
·   VLAN networking (802.1q, ISL)
·   Network monitoring (Nagios, MRTG)


  Canonical Ltd. Remote position
  Systems Administrator - IS Operations January 2012 - Present
  Viddler Remote position
  Datacenter Systems Administrator (contract) July - December 2011
·   Managed systems and network operations in two datacenters, handling equipment purchase decisions and deployments
·   Managed an IP transit migration between carriers within a datacenter
·   Deployed new virtualization solutions
·   Administered systems within a provider-agnostic infrastructure — traditional servers, in-datacenter virtualization, EC2/S3, commercial VPS
  Joplin Tornado Recovery Task Force Joplin, Missouri, United States
  Volunteer May - June 2011
·   Walk-on volunteer position, assisting in relief and clean-up efforts following the Joplin tornado of May 22, 2011, coordinated by AmeriCorps relief teams
·   Worked in the field, removing debris within the disaster zone
·   Manned the missing persons hotline, taking missing person reports to be sent to search and rescue teams
·   Worked in the donations warehouse, unloading, sorting and loading pallets of donated goods
  One to One
Acquired Twelve Horses, September 2009
Reno, Nevada, United States
  Datacenter Network Administrator Sep 2009 - May 2011
·   Worked with One to One IT staff to complete infrastructure integration between One to One and Twelve Horses
·   Managed integration of One To One offices' phone networks into a unified multiple-site Asterisk-based IP phone network
·   Managed consolidation of Twelve Horses datacenter operations into One to One's datacenters
  Network/System Administrator Jul 2004 - Sep 2009
·   Maintained network and approx. 150 Linux servers between two datacenters
·   Built and deployed customer dedicated servers
·   Researched and recommended network and system upgrades and new networks, as needed
·   Installed network monitoring, graphing and network configuration tracking tools
·   Migrated operations and infrastructure to a new datacenter
·   Designed server virtualization solution for consolidated server management
·   Built a multiple-site IP phone network infrastructure using Asterisk
  Network Administrator (contract) May 2004 - Jun 2004
·   Managed Redundant Networks' datacenter operations until the datacenter property could be sold
·   Assisted remaining Redundant Networks customers
  Redundant Networks Reno, Nevada, United States
  Senior System Administrator / Lead Network Engineer Nov 2003 - Feb 2004
·   Promotion, reported to Director of Network Operations
·   All Senior System Administrator functions and responsibilities; in addition:
·   Migrated Foundry customer access routers to Cisco
·   Configured IOS changes for customer installs/changes as needed
·   Designed inexpensive failover router setups for customers using Linux/VRRP
·   Migrated servers from Red Hat Linux 7.x to a custom distribution based on Gentoo Linux
·   Assisted with deploying iBGP within the Reno core network
·   Remained after operations were discontinued to assist with customer migrations and network teardown
  Network Operations Manager Sep 2003 - Oct 2003
·   Temporary assignment, reported to COO/President
·   All Senior System Administrator functions and responsibilities; in addition:
·   Delegated tasks and projects to Network Operations personnel
·   Oversaw customer installations and network changes
·   Represented Network Operations to executive staff, the company and the public
·   Handled Network Operations scheduling and staffing
·   Interviewed candidates for Director of Network Operations
  Senior System Administrator Mar 2002 - Sep 2003
·   Reported to Director of Network Operations
·   Developed an MIS network for two new datacenters
·   Managed 40+ Linux/Solaris servers across two coasts
·   Set up network monitoring and ticketing systems
·   Managed internal employee network
·   Wrote custom network billing and power control systems
·   Assisted customers with datacenter move-ins and network designs
·   Developed and maintained private and public wireless networks in Reno facility
·   Managed backup systems for both datacenters
·   Installed satellite offices' networks
·   Participated in Reno-area tech community via RLUG and RAWUG
·   Maintained open source/community mirrors and development environments
  Kefta, Inc. San Francisco, California, United States
  Application Developer Jul 2000 - Mar 2002
·   Developed referral marketing applications with PHP, Python and Perl
·   Worked to develop marketing tie-in solutions for enterprise-class customers
·   Implemented Oracle schemas for both user interaction and backend processing jobs
·   Created a Python-based web server for rapid execution of user interaction requests
·   Tested peer code in a strict quality control environment
·   Maintained and developed kmMail, an open-source version of Kefta's webmail system

Associations and Projects

·   Official Debian Maintainer
·   SAGE member (System Administrators Guild, a USENIX SIG)
·   Hurricane Electric IPv6 certification (2009)
·   Electronic Frontier Foundation member
·   Created Finnix, a leading Linux LiveCD for system administrators
·   Created 2ping, a bi-directional ping utility that can determine directional packet loss