Directions to Chateau Finnie

This page is horribly out of date. I don't live there anymore, and even if I did, the directions would have to be modified anyways (half of Del Monte is now called Neil). Here's a simplified set of directions that will get you to my current place:

  1. Go to Reno.
  2. From Reno, go to Ryan's house.

Ryan Finnie
1555 Ridgeview Dr. #225
Reno, NV 89509
39 deg 28' 5.952" North Latitude (39.46832)
119 deg 48' 50.58" West Longitude (-119.81405)
4684' Elevation

Yahoo! Maps Link

Note: Mapping sites will suggest taking Kietzke-McCarran-Lakeside-Ridgeview instead of Del Monte-Davis-Lakeside-Ridgeview. It may look more direct, but McCarran is in the middle of a 3 year construction project.

From San Francisco: Take I-80 east. You will eventually go up these big hill things, and you will cross Donner Pass, which is famous for some reason or another. You'll know when you cross into Nevada by the roads; notice the lack of 2-block-wide potholes. Continue east until you pass by a bunch of casinos. Avoide the temptation. Take the 395 South exit, turn the polka music up full blast, drive a couple miles, then take the Del Monte exit. Turn right onto Del Monte.

From Salt Lake City: Insert obligatory Mormon joke here. Take I-80 west. Once you get into Nevada, it's miles and miles of nothingness. Your first sign of civilization will be clear on the other end of the state. Sad, ain't it? On the way, you'll pass an exit that says "Mustang". Ever heard of the Mustang Ranch? Neither have I. Take the 395 South exit. Strike a pose until you get to the Del Monte exit. Take the exit (duh) and turn right onto Del Monte.

From San Diego: Take 395 north a long, LONG way. I mean really, I've never done it myself, but I've heard it's a horribly long trip. Really. As a matter of fact, don't bother coming at all. What? You really want to come? Oh, okay. Once you get into Reno, take the Del Monte exit. Turn left onto Del Monte.

Once on Del Monte: If you're going by Taco Bell right now, you're going the wrong way. Did you turn around? Good. There's a stop sign a block from the highway. That's Kietzke. Continue on Del Monte, which will turn into a 1-lane country road and will take a couple turns. Take the first right onto Davis. Drive up the hill, and be mindful of the speed bumps on the road. When Davis ends, take a right onto Lakeside. Pass Makeout Point and go down the hill. After a small shopping center, take a left onto Ridgeview (red section on map). Cross Plumas, but remember that cross traffic does not stop, and nobody ever uses their turn signals, so watch out. Follow the curve right and ascend the hill. Take the 5th right driveway (see numbers on map), which is right before you start to descend again. Once in the driveway (yellow section on map), take the first left. Drive to the end of the driveway and find parking in one of the uncovered parking spaces. My apartment is #225; see the green area on the map toward the end of the final driveway. Look for an old-style street sign that says "Finnie St", that's my apartment.