Server Graveyard

Server Graveyard, originally uploaded by fo0bar.

Testing Flickr, and the new camera I bought today (Nikon CoolPix L4 4 megapixel)

5 thoughts on “Server Graveyard”

    1. We're thinking about ebaying it, but it would take a decent amount of work for cataloging (most are missing parts such as ram, HD, etc) and actually putting them up. Some things we can't sell (the drive shelf for instance is still under lease, and it's one of those "accounting things" where it costs less in the long run by letting it sit there). The six-fans we'll probably keep around, since they're still "usable" if needed, but the laptops and penguins (what's left of them) could probably be sold though.

    1. It came with an mwave order that included about 10 drives. I'm keeping it around just in case... umm, I need to send 10-20 drives somewhere?

  1. That's nothing. I've got a whole 25x25 foot corner in our server room that looks like that. Most of my stuff is old IBM RS/6000 hardware.

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